Game Jackal 介绍


Play all your favorite games without inserting a single cd!
Using your game's original CD or DVD, create a Game Jackal profile that enables you to play your favourite games directly from the hard drive... CD-Free! Once a profile has been created the CD or DVD can then be put away for safe keeping, protecting your gaming investment for years to come and ensuring hunting for and inserting a game’s disc is a thing of the past.  

CD and DVD free pc gaming  
CD or DVD is safely stored free from potential damage or loss  
Game launch is quicker  
No more searching for that elusive game CD or DVD and losing valuable game play time  
Profiles are small, typically less than 1 MB  
No messy virtual drives  
One click profile creation. Simply right-click a desktop game icon and covert it in seconds  

Game Jackal v2.7.14.357 (

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